42 Steps to Reducing Our Footprints

Native son, Colin Beavan, offers 42 ways to eliminate trash from our daily life. (His mother is Westport neighbor, Judy Beavan.) His recommendations are based on a year of living in a New York City high rise apartment without contributing to global pollution. Colin’s year long project included his wife and new baby. Their year is chronicled in Colin’s book,

    No Impact Man

We in the office at ABLE are still working on the first three steps of Colin’s list. We don’t offer soda or individually bottled water. We provide ceramic mugs for coffee. We also observe step 19, providing cloth hand towels. Colin’s book and his 42 steps are aimed mostly at households. However, there are plenty of ways for ABLE to work toward its goal of caring for the environment around us. Stay tuned for our next efforts.

Thanks, Colin.

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