Get More Interviews from Job Fairs

You can’t get a job offer from behind your cell phone or computer screen. It’s time to GET OUT THERE.

Power up your job-hunting muscles. One great exercise to score that all-important job offer is to attend networking events and job fairs. During the summertime, attendance is often lower, so you will stand out more. If you are feel uncomfortable at these mass events, you’re hardly alone.

That’s why we have added a job fair webinar entitled “Make The Best Out Of Job Fairs” to help you land the all-important job interview. This webinar will help you prepare and obtain more results from job fairs and any other type of networking event. If you have not registered for our career portal, just click on and follow the directions. When you follow the simple steps, you will schedule more job interviews.

More job interviews means more job offers.

And please, let me know how it works for you. You can contact me at
Eileen Wheeler Sheehan

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