A note from your Career Advisor

It can be very frustrating when you receive no feedback after you submit your resume or are interviewed. Delays can be due to the following:
• No decision has been reached
• They had too many responses to have time to give feedback to everyone
• They do not enjoy giving bad news
• They do not want to hear job seekers get defensive when they are screened out
• Sometimes they don’t KNOW why you were screened out
It is for this reason that you need to OFFER some additional information when you make your follow up calls. Give hiring authorities a REASON that will benefit THEM to call you back.

If you do not hear from them, don’t burn this bridge. In 90 days you want to re-contact every person who has interviewed you (Not through a Recruiter). Often the following occurs:
• The person they hired accepted a counter-offer
• The person they hired is NOT working out
• They have other positions open that match your credentials
People hire the individuals who they feel will provide them with the fastest return on their investment and who they like. You just need to get in front of hiring authorities as often as possible until that job offer is extended to YOU!

Follow up is critical. Interviewing is a many-step process, not a single event. If you are not too busy to look for a job, you are not too busy to follow up.

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