Got a Black Hole in your Resume?

Unemployed more than 6 months?
Took time off for family reasons?
Looks like a black hole in your work history?

Re-entering the workforce can be challenging. Especially when all an employer knows about you is a resume with a big gap of time. That big gap may be a red flag to an interviewer with dozens of applicants. Your resume or application may be rejected before you have a chance to meet the interviewer and explain.


Sound familiar?


Join our free web seminar on September 6th @ 2:00PM

  1. Go to the Candidates page.
  2. Log into the ABLE Career Portal.
  3. Click on the Webinar tab.


During this session you will learn the following:
• How to explain the reason for your absence from the workforce
• How to draw attention to your strengths
• What it takes to ace out your competition
• How to answer the tough questions you WILL be asked



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