Green Tips for the Holidays

Holiday Green Tips
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Save Some Green over the Holidays — In style
From Eileen Wheeler Sheehan

    1. Make your greetings personal.

a. Recycle last year’s cards into this year’s gift tags.
b. Buy new greeting cards made from recycled paper.

    2. Send holiday e-cards.

a. An added bonus: my greeting card provider tracks my card history from year to year, so I know who received which card in which year.

    3. Make your own wrapping paper.

a. Brown paper bags can be decorated or appliqued with personal messages and pictures. They’re much stronger than ordinary gift wrapping paper.
b. The Sunday comics make wonderful wrapping—especially when you highlight an appropriate cartoon or comic strip.
c. Use cloth bags. Your recipient can reuse them for shopping or for their own gifts in the future. My favorite wraps are the bags I get back the next year!

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