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Your secret weapons during a conversation or interview are the questions you ask to reveal the priorities of the person you are addressing. Many times an informal conversation is utilized to screen candidates in or out of the interview process. When you ask questions to determine what is most important to the person, they have an opportunity to focus on their needs and wants, which often makes them like you more. The end result is that you get screened in!

If you are not asked if you have any questions, it is always wise to let the person know you have questions. You don’t want to shoot from the hip when asking questions. Write down questions in advance that will reveal what is most important to each person in the interviewing process.

It is also acceptable to pull out a list of questions that you have pre-written. This shows preparation on your part and often impresses the interviewer. You ask your questions, listen carefully to the answer and then position yourself as the person who can solve their problems. This is also the time where you can bring up accomplishments or facts about yourself that never came up during the interview process. Questions can make the difference of you getting screened in or out!

Upcoming Free Job Seeker Training Webinars:
Relationships that Provide Job Search Success
March 15th @ 12:00 PM PST/1:00 PM MST/2:00 PM CST/3:00 PM EST
Throughout your job search, you will rely on the past and present relationships you have established. Networking is the #1 way to find your next opportunities and it is your relationships that provide eventual success in your job search. Topics covered in this session include:
• Relationships that are the most effective
• Best use of established relationships
• TOMA – top of mind awareness will provide you with results

How to Effectively Work with Recruiters
March 23rd @ 11:00 AM PST/12:00 PM MST/1:00 PM CST/2:00 PM EST
During your job search, you may encounter third-party recruiters as well as corporate recruiters. These individuals understand the needs of their clients and are very effective making appropriate matches. During this session you will learn the following:
• How to position yourself with third-party recruiters
• What it takes to impress a corporate recruiter
• How to proactively get a recruiter to pursue you

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