Get Social


Attend at least one function or activity every single week.  When you are unemployed, it is often difficult to put yourself in social situations.  One of the first questions everyone always asks is “So what are your doing these days?”   Your response will impact whether this person tries to get away from you as fast as they can, or if they decide to provide you with possible referrals.  If you come across depressed, desperate or angry – no one will want to refer you to people they know.  If you come across positive, confident and interesting – you will receive more referrals.


It is NOT good to sit at home and convince yourself that you will find a job by using your computer.

Technology is a great tool, but most jobs are obtained through networking and through your efforts marketing yourself to prospective employers.  You will obtain more of these leads when you put yourself out there and get outside of your comfort zone.  We are embarking on summer months when more people are participating in outside activities.  Even when money is tight you can attend community free events, parades, firework displays and other summer outings at little or no cost.

Make the commitment today that starting this week, you will plan at least ONE outside event each week!

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