Why Employers Turn Down “Over”qualified Candidates

  • You’ve got a great background.
  • You’re willing to settle for a giant pay cut?
  • What a deal, right?

Why would an employer turn you down?

Here’s why

  • You think you are “settling” for an inferior job
  • You might get a call from someone who truly appreciates your worth
  • You might get bored
  • You might tell your supervisor off.  You have “been there, done that”
  • You’re desperate.  You’ll say anything to get some cash flow.

Why you might WANT a lower paying job:

  • It’s closer to home, and travel has worn you down
  • Your personal circumstances have changed.  You can’t be on call anymore.
  • You no longer have the physical ability to perform the higher paying tasks.

If you truly want a less responsible and lower paying position, be prepared to explain why.

  1. Don’t water down your resume.
  2. Explain your interest in the position in a cover letter.
  3. Respect the intelligence of the hiring authority
  4. Show sincere interest in the prospective company

For more tips on handling the “over”qualified objection, check out ABLE’s Career Portal on the Candidates Page.

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