Objection-Rejection: Does the boss make you nervous in interviews?

Interview anxiety?

Arrive for interviews prepared to answer any questions with confidence.


Join our free webinar Thursday, September 27th at 3PM on over-coming objections by hiring authorities.


If you want to schedule more interviews and receive job offers, it is important for you to be very comfortable overcoming objections.  Most job seekers back off from objections and assume they have been screened out.  If you learn to overcome them, you will greatly improve your chances of being hired.  We will discuss:

  •  Why hiring authorities state objections during interviews
  • How you can overcome the most common objections
  • What you learn from every objection
  • The one objection you can’t overcome


For help in logging on to our free career webinar, contact our Brian or Jen (508) 673-3979  or log on to our Career Portal from our Candidates page.

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