The Unemployment Cliff

It’s crunch time.  Washington leaders are tip toeing to the edge of the fiscal cliff.  If they don’t find a solution to our national deficit before December 31, 2012, the nation is poised to fall over the edge into recession.


People on the federal unemployment extension have their own fiscal cliff two days earlier.  All federal extensions expire on December 29, 2012.   Even if a claimant has not used up the extension, all funds are cut off that day.  Tens of thousands of claimants will be affected.  Their families will be affected.  Perhaps the government will restore some version of extended benefits under the federal program, but it is unlikely to be in time to celebrate New Year’s.


Federal Extension Cut Off will lead thousands to compete in the job pool

A surge of desperate job seekers can be expected to compete for the limited job offerings.


The Holiday season is often for family and festivity.  But this year, job seekers are advised to keep those job inquiries coming.  It will be even harder after the New Year.

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