Are You Plugged In?

“Networking” in the real world (as opposed to the digital world) is the most powerful tool for job-seekers.  Successful job seekers report that they network every day.

If you know who can connect you with your dream job, you won’t need to talk with all those other strangers.  Of course, you don’t know who has the magic keys.  So you have to connect with lots and lots of different kinds of strangers.  That’s right.  You’ve got to get out of your comfort zone and introduce yourself BEFORE you know how the stranger may be useful.  Make at least one new connection EVERY DAY.  (Including weekends.)  If you are seriously tackling your job search, here are a few connections you might consider:

  • Fellow professionals in your line of work
  • Past employers
  • Past co-workers
  • Alumni Associations from your old schools
  • Family, neighbors and friends
  • Friends of family, neighbors and friends
  • Salesmen (especially insurance, and real estate)
  • Tradespeople (bankers, pharmacists, and dry cleaners)

Remember, people hire people they like.  They listen best to recommendations from people they respect.  So a personal reference is a powerful weapon.

How many connections can you make today?

Help your job search with new connections
Help your job search with new connections

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