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Associate 31596

Design Engineer Technician

Very determined, well-spoken with excellent cooperation skills, knowledgeable and adaptive in the areas of Research and Development. Has done specialized testing as a Design Test Technician. Experienced in prototype design, drill presses, grinders & lathes. Can use strain gauges & hardness testers; weld & solder stations; drill presses, grinders & lathes. If you are looking for an employee who is accountable, with assembly technician experience, please contact ABLE for more details on this candidate.

Associate 26768

Industrial Mechanic/Machine Operator         

This well-regarded worker operates as well as maintains a wide variety of manufacturing equipment including millers, presses, HVAC, and boilers.  Has kept detailed repair logs and a wide variety of documentary reports.  Also has strong receiving, including operation of forklifts and pallet hacks.  Our candidate is open to split shifts as well as swing shifts as needed.. Kept detailed documentation and logs for repair and scored a 94% on ABLE’s General Industrial assessment.  (Contact an ABLE service coordinator for details on the industrial skills assessed.)


Associate 3679

Costumer Service

Worked loyally with previous employer for nine years before the company relocated. Possesses strong negotiation skills, positive attitude, multitasking and interpersonal skills. A whiz with data entry, research, and multi-line switchboards. Processed client claims for Physicians offices and Worker’s Compensation Insurance Companies. If you are looking for an upbeat professional at your establishment please contact ABLE Associates about this candidate.

Associate 25453

Executive Assistant (Part time)

Self-motivated with strong interpersonal skills. Can manage numerous incoming calls, customer service, documentation, and database management. Has recently done payroll and invoicing tasks as well. Compiles rapid date entry with ease; Word and Excel included.  Nothing but good job references was quoted from previous employer, “did more than expected” and “does very well with no problems”. Will excel as Medical Receptionist or Executive Assistant. Please contact ABLE for more details regarding this candidate.


Associate 31812


Versatile welder is a 2011 graduate of Voke Tech’s welding program.  Recent experience includes MIG/TIG/ARC/Oxyfuel.  Our candidate has been excelled in quality inspection of team’s welds and in documentation. Reliable worker who manages work with little supervision and previously worked overtime including nights and weekends as needed. Currently has a flexible work schedule. If you are looking for a dependable worker contact ABLE Associates with inquires.

Associate 31818

Forklift Operator

An outgoing individual with over 8 years of forklift operating experience, both inside facility and outside. Used High Reachers to off load incoming goods and Pallet Jacks with ease. Previous employment had candidate empty large vats and load trucks with use of a variety of forklifts. Last employer noted him to be a hard worker with a solid ethic. If you are interested in learning more about this strong candidate please contact ABLE Associates.


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