Candidates Sample


Associate 32010

Electronic Assembler

Proven long term quality of electronic assembly, has twenty years of experience. Followed blueprint and manufacturing instructions to build intricate assemblies in accordance with established quality standards. Assembled circuit boards and cable harnesses as well as provided trouble shoot. Received certification in IPC-A610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies and J-STD-001 for Soldering Electrical and Electronic Assemblies.One reference noted associate to be a “lead person” who works well with others as well as alone. If you are looking for a loyal employee with an upbeat personality please contact ABLE Associates for more details.

lab tech


Associate 32048

Lab Technician

Our laboratory technician is highly recommended for Quality Control as well as Process Control Management.  He has an Associates degree and long tenure with two companies (7 years) and (11 years).  He makes a very professional impression.  Associate is looking to move closer to the South Coast. Please contact ABLE with any inquires on applicant.


med recept

Associate 1689

Medical Claims Specialist

Has an Associate’s Degree in Health Claims Specialist. Worked as a Medical Records Clerk and went on to become a Certified Nursing Aid. Has experience in Billing/Receiving, Customer Service, Excel, Medical Coding, and Microsoft Word. Is able to work with flexible schedule, please contact ABLE with inquires.



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