Jerry, an alert job seeker, has notified us that a scammer has hijacked at least one of our legitimate job postings.  They have contacted him twice to ask for personal details.  “Hi Gerald, call me about the Recruiter Job you have applied for (855) 699-XXXX”  While our posting is legitimate, the caller is merely trying to get Jerry’s information to use for their illegal purposes. This is a phishing operation run under the name Gigats.

Phishing Alert
Phishing Alert
  1. Do not give personal information unless you are responding to an original posting on a respected job board.
  2. Report any unauthorized contacts to the job board immediately.
  3. Do not apply on line except on the web site of a legitimate business.  Check out the employer or recruiter before you share private information.
  4. Please let us know if anyone but ABLE employees contact you about our jobs.  We will take legal action immediately.

Thanks, Jerry

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