Back to School Time: A Self-Marketing Tip

The kids are back in school.  Most hiring authorities are parents and are starting to think report cards.

Here is a timely tip to get the attention of those bosses.  Attach a “report card” to your resume when applying for a job.

  1. Find current job openings which you want and for which you qualify.
  2. From each ad, make a list of the skills, experience and education needed.
  3. Check off where you meet or exceed the requirements.
  4.  List your skills and accomplishments next to the relevant requirements.
  5. Label the list Job Report Card for (your name)”.
  6. In your cover letter, “grade” yourself on the qualities you have listed.

Your “report card” will make you stand out in comparison with the many other applicants.  It shows you are willing to go the extra mile to win that job.  It shows creative thinking.  It shows you care.

Will this idea work 100% of the time and for everyone? The answer is no – but you only need it to work once!

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