Move Over, Job Fairs! Try Business Fairs (Part One)

If you are hunting for a job, why stand in a long line of fellow job seekers?  When you can browse among lots of businesses on display?  With a knowledgeable representative ready to tell you about their company?


The secret to effective browsing is to go to business exhibitions.

  1. You can wander among aisles of salesmen ready to promote their business.  Just the fact that a business owner is investing in a exhibition booth indicates he or she intends to grow.  Growing companies need new employees.
  2. Construct a shopping list.  Pick up business cards for companies that are close to home.
  3. Pick up brochures and giveaways from companies that employ people like you.  Employers love their own words, so be sure to use their adjectives when telling them why you want to work for them.
  4. Drop off your resume with companies you target.  Get the contact information for the hiring authority at the company.  Follow up after the exhibition.

Happy hunting!

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