Objections are Buying Signs

So you got the interview time and place.  Congratulations!

Now, how do you prepare yourself to shine?

First and foremost, consider how to stay POSITIVE, no matter what question is thrown at you.  Don’t blame your misfortunes on others.  And keep smiling even when the interviewer seems to be questioning your credentials.  Finding a Job is a Sales Process and you will hear objections. Often the job seeker who overcomes the objectives most effectively gets HIRED!

The secret is to anticipate tough questions and prepare positive, diplomatic answers beforehand.  Write them down and memorize them, so you won’t forget them when you are in the middle of a tough interview.

Help yourself prepare by joining a special, free, webinar on handling objections.

September 19th @ 11:00 am EST 

• Objections are buying signs
• Objections are requests for information
• How to effectively overcome the most common objections

CONTACT Joshua  or Dora to sign up for this webinar at 508-673-3979

Employers may raise objections in an interview
Employers may raise objections in an interview


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