Micro-Volunteering: The New Buzz

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Ever hear of Micro-Volunteering?

Want to increase employee morale? Please read on!

Micro-Volunteering is a relatively new concept that has been picked up by smaller companies which allows for employees to use a portion of their work time to support charitable causes. “Micro” refers to the slight amount of time spent volunteering; some intervals may be as little as fifteen minutes! The amount of time you decide to allow for volunteering does not matter as the results can only be described as a “win-win-win proposition” according to a recent article from Satilla Business Services.

Look at it this way: The employee helps the community and in turn you as an employer are rewarded with positive effects relating to volunteerism, which include:

Increased morale

Increased retention

Better physical health

Developing employee engagement

Improved employer/employee relations

Non-time consuming projects mentioned include; marketing assistance, strategic planning of databases, setting up financial systems, or graphic design tasks.

Need some ideas to get started with Micro-Volunteering? Check out Sparked.com which exhibits platforms in which employees can be paired up with non-profit organizations. After a non-profit posts a request volunteers can get to work instantly! .

Before delving into this new buzz remember that management needs to be supportive of the venture and appointing someone to be in charge will help you stay more organized. Also keep promoting this opportunity! Investigate what your employees are most interested in and develop different programs to suit.

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