Happy Columbus Day–Your Own Voyage of Discovery?

Banks, government offices and the post office may be closed on Monday, October 14th, thousands of other workers may be trolling the malls with school children on holiday, but this is no time for job seekers to relax.


Why not?  Job hunting can be discouraging, and downright monotonous.  And who will notice if you join the foliage watchers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island?  Only your conscience will know.


However, most hiring authorities will be hard at work.  There may be fewer distractions with all those official services closed.  This may be your lucky moment to contact the employer where you would most like to work.


Columbus didn’t know what he would find when he set out.  He had a vision and wind in his sails.  Even if he didn’t find what he expected, he was kept employed for the rest of his life.

Happy Explorations.



Columbus Exploring


ABLE will be open on Columbus Day to assist you in finding your next job.

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