The Holiday Spirit in your Job Search

Our Career Advisor, Barb Bruno, writes:

We’ve decided to share an email that was sent to us by a Job Seeker. She shares some suggestions that have helped her throughout her job search, and I hope they will help you as well.

“Thank you so much for your tips, webinars and overall advice! It has helped me quite a bit during this time in my life. The most difficult part is staying positive and optimistic when many of your family and friends are not. Luckily, I have a few good friends that are optimistic and turned me to books like ‘The Secret’, ‘Anglespeak’ and the ‘Power of Now’. You can always get a library card and check out the books for no charge at the library. If you have some money, you can always try a used book store. Or, you can give family and friends your list of books and let them know this is what you want for your birthday or Christmas. Sometimes they’ll get them for you ahead of time.

One of the main things that came across in these books is that you have to be happy. It seems like that can’t be possible when you are unemployed and thinking about getting a job, money and the bills. However, you can still read your favorite books, watch some of your favorite programs on TV (especially if they make you laugh), or take a walk at the local park. Again, not everything costs money and you need to do things that are going to make you happy. If you start thinking of what you DO have versus what you DON’T have that’s a big start. Again, thank you for all your advice. I look forward to your next newsletter.”

What this job seeker has realized is that every day you have choices to make when conducting your job search. You can stay positive and expect the best or choose to be negative and focus on what is not going right. Reading uplifting books, taking walks in the park or interacting with friends who are positive are all activities which can lift your spirits and help you continue on your journey to find your next great opportunity. We will do all we can in the coming weeks to provide you with resources and advice we know can escalate your job search.

Please note that you can take advantage of Barb’s positive wisdom for landing a better job through the Career Portal on our web site.

Use your holiday spirit to capture a new job
Use your holiday spirit to capture a new job

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