March Spotlight Candidates

Candidate #23519: Medical Scheduler

This candidate has six years of experience in the health care support and administration sector. Generally, she worked with scheduling and intake capacity. She proved to be a detailed worker and knowledgeable about the ins and outs of home care, managed care, and home health care. Full time availability.  $15-$17.

Candidate #34110: Swiss Lathe/CNC Operator

Amazing CNC Swiss Operator who previous held positions making parts for various industries including automotive and medical. Experienced with  Tsugami Swiss Turn Multi Axis Lathe, Oasis Program, micrometers, calipers, vernier scales, and Tesses to verify measurements and tolerances. Has excellent references from previous employers.  Looking for 1st or 3rd shift. $18-$21. Fall River Area.

Candidate #32914: Librarian/Customer Service

A methodic and detailed candidate who is experienced in customer service and library roles. Has a Bachelor’s degree in History from University of Rhode Island. Candidate spent twelve years at McLaughlin Research Library before working with Epsilon Systems. Can easily explain his roles in documentation, labeling, his handling of disposable media, and the destruction of obsolete materials. $12/hour. Fall River, MA Area.

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