Summer Jobs are Shining Now

A Query

Which looks better on a resume?

  • A current  employment gap, or
  • A seasonal job beneath your skill and pay level


The answer, of course, is “It depends.”  But before you spend the summer on a slow job search beside the pool, consider the advantages of summer work.

Benefits of seasonal work

Many jobs which don’t fit your key word searches become available in the summer months. These seasonal jobs are often not the most lucrative, but there are many benefits to accepting seasonal employment including:

  • Current experience on your resume
  • Source of income
  • Ability to meet and network with people at work
  • Ability to meet and network with customers
  • Improved attitude and self-esteem


The job you accept may be beneath your full-time career goals, and when phrased properly on a resume, hiring authorities will respect you more, not less.  You show you “really like to keep busy.”


Furthermore, you won’t be typecast.  Supervisors expect you’ve got other skills, when you are on a seasonal job.


You just never know whom you will meet or what opportunities could surface.


Last summer one of our job seekers accepted a summer job with the Parks Department. She ended up meeting a VP of a major corporation at an event, which resulted in a job offer. Another individual took a position at a Water Park and ended up getting promoted into a Management Position which matched what he was earning at his prior job.


Summer jobs can be fun.  They are different.  Often less stressful than your regular work.  Summer (and volunteer) jobs expand your network
Summer hiring is well under way right now.  There is no better time than today to submit applications!

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