1 Powerful 1st Memorial Day Story

On Memorial Day, we honor all men and women who gave their lives in military service for the United States. When and how did it begin?

The exact origins of Memorial Day are disputed. However, we do know that at its beginning, Memorial Day honored fallen Union soldiers at the end of the Civil War. Here is one particularly striking account of the 1st Memorial Day.

On May 1, 1865, some 28 former slaves gathered at the New Market Race Course in Charleston, South Carolina. The Confederates had converted the course into an outdoor prison. Union soldiers were kept in miserable conditions. More than 250 men died there of exposure and disease.

The workers dug up the soldiers’ mass grave and reburied the men properly. They built a 100-yd. fence around the cemetery and erected an archway over the entrance that read, “Martyrs of the Race Course.” Then, Black Charleston natives, in cooperation with white missionaries and teachers, staged a parade of 10,000 people.http://www.usmemorialday.org/

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