Excellent, I am very impressed.

Carlos G.

The people at Able Associates were very helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend them to a friend who needed to find work during these uncertain times due to the pandemic.

Andrew M.

Wonderful it’s great place to get work and very nice friendly people. I would definitely recommend this place.

Markey H.

I’ve had a wonderful experience and Katherine has been amazing, helpful and always has my best interest at heart.

Barbara B.

Hi Katherine,

We are pleased to have Al as a member of the Imtra family!  We just received the final invoice from Able and I wiLL be sending to accounting shortly.

Again, just wanted to thank you, Ron, and your staff for the exceLLent job Able does when it comes to finding quality applicants for our warehouse-type positions.  You are my first choice when these positions open up due to your track record.


Larry Lake

Back Office Manager

Thank you Dora..
that means a lot to me for helping…
It is so funny but finding your company has been one of the best things that has happened to me last year and this year…



Thumbs up to ABLE Associates!  They have been a trustful source in the Staffing Industry for over 25 years. If your company is seeking qualified candidates, ABLE Associates can recruit and retain employees. When raising the bar on HTP expectations you can trust ABLE Associates to provide you with only qualified candidates. With the help of Able Associates, HTP, Inc. will continue to invest and employ a diverse work force.

Global Manufacturer, HVAC Products

I am writing this letter about the employment agency, ABLE Associates, Inc. I came in contact with ABLE Associates in 2008 when I was in dire need of a job. Within no time, they found something for me.

I have filled out applications at probably six or seven agencies. The only one with whom I’ve had any success has been ABLE. During the last eight years, I worked through one other agency, and the position only lasted five or six weeks. I have actually landed two permanent placements through ABLE, and I am still employed at the second one.

Eileen, the owner, and I have become very good friends. She invites me to their Christmas party every December. Thank God and Eileen for ABLE Associates.

James M. W.

ABLE Associates is easy to work with.  They strive to assist us with our recruiting needs by asking in depth questions, learning about our business and visiting the actual work sites for potential candidates.  If any issues arise, they do the very best they can to resolve them.

Residential School

Able associates really goes above and beyond to get you a job. I went in there with my resume and sat down with Julius, the very next day I was interviewed by a company and given a job. The staff is friendly, helpful, and keep in touch with you to make sure everything is working out. I would recommend them to anyone in need of work.

Kris S.