3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You’re in the Hot Seat

“Tell me about yourself.” It sounds like such an easy question to answer – but then you’re in the hot seat, your heart starts to race and you have no idea where to begin. I’ve been there – more than once. I thought “Well someone must be able to answer this correctly, because someone got the job and I didn’t!” Finally, ABLE Associates introduced me to a Webinar that provides tips and tricks on how to answer this question in a few simple steps.

You might be wondering…

How do we nail this question and get off on the right foot?

What is the employer looking for in your answer?

How do I format my answer?

It’s easy to get off track; it’s easy to assume they want you to sum up all of your work experience in a nutshell.  Your answer often determines the interviewer’s first impression of you, which can make or break and interview. This easy to follow Webinar will answer those questions and help you prepare a response that will make the interviewer excited about continuing the conversation.

To access the “Tell Me About Yourself” Webinar, visit My Able Career and create a free account. You can benefit from this and many valuable Webinars, articles and services. Boost your career with ABLE Associates!https://www.able.jobs/temporary-job-openings/benefits/



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