Congratulations New Graduates: Are you Ready to Gig?

No Fooling…“Temporary” Gigs may be good for your career

When you buy a car, I hope that you take your first choice for a test drive.  Maybe you’ll love the look, but find the vehicle is a bit sluggish.  No harm done.  Move on to the next choice.

It works the same way for a career.  Say you have majored in accounting (and parties and vacations.)  When you start work, you find out you HATE being chained to a desk 50 weeks a year.  When you and your boss realize it’s not working out, the company wins. You lose.

There’s a better way to start your career.  Test drive your new career.  It’s called temporary or contract assignments.  Future employers will respect your choice to approach your long-run career carefully and responsibly.  When the assignment ends, you just move on.  On the other hand, if you’re fired from a full time job, you’ll carry a permanent smudge on your resume.

  • Try out in a temporary or contract assignment
    • Practice your new academic skill in in a real world environment that doesn’t expect you to be an instant expert already.
    • Pick up the buzz words that will impress the next job interviewers
  • Get your foot in the door
    • Many, if not most, good temporary or contract employees get job offers from the employer where they are assigned. Note, this does not apply to contract employers with attitudes or attendance problems.
  • Uncover entirely new jobs
    • While you are on assignment, you are observing many, many other types of jobs and many other departments.
    • You may be hired to communicate with the employer’s clients or vendors. While you are talking you are learning about the opportunities in those businesses.
    • You may find you would rather work in another end of the business than the one you trained for.
  • Take off without a penalty
    • When you move, you will find a staffing agency in the new city. Remember to look up a staffing firm with the type of work you’d like
    • While you move you can take some time off and live on your short term earnings.
    • Note, while you are on assignment, attendance and loyalty counts just like it does in any other aspect of your life.

Keep in mind that ABLE recruiters are specialists in matching your career dreams to the business world around you.  We help you improve your resume and interviewing skills.  We are partners in getting your career off to a dynamic start.

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