The “Ultimate Secret Formula” Revealed November 9th at 1PM

As a part of ABLE Associates’ services to job seekers, we offer a free webinar to members of ABLE’s Career Advisor Club.  Membership is free.  Just call Lizzie at our front office to sign up for the Club.  You will have unlimited access to webinars, job hunting advice, and personal coaching by legendary job coach, Barb Bruno.

This week, Barb’s webinar will help you prepare for job interviews.  She will help you Re-Think your entire interview preparation.  

Says Barb Bruno, “It is proven that demonstrating a CARING attitude, plus being CLEAR, CALM, and CONFIDENT throughout the interview allows you to present yourself as the best candidate.  In this presentation, you’ll learn:

  • How to create a “highly effective” interview game plan
  • How to easily manage your emotions so you CAN be Clear, Calm, and Confident
  • How to specifically share the best of YOU throughout the interview
  • What key questions can help to get the job offer”

Join Barb to learn the ultimate secret formula so you do show them your absolute best in your next interview. You will have a chance to ask her your special questions.  Let’s get you back to work!

Contact Lizzie at 508-673-3979 to join this free club and log into this free webinar.  Thursday, November 9th at 1PM.

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