Don’t Abbreviate 2020 on Important Documents!

It’s a new decade, a new you, a new chance and a new way for your information to be altered. Law enforcement is urging everyone NOT to abbreviate 2020 on any important or legal forms. Although it’s easy and what we are use to, it could save you a headache or two down the road.

By writing out the date as 01/06/20, the date can be fraudulently changed to 2019. Instead, make sure when you’re dating documents in 2020 that you write the year out in full, to protect yourself against fraud. We didn’t have to do it in the past years because abbreviating 2019 as “19” could only be changed to a date in the 1900s.

You might be in a rush, but it certainly makes sense to listen to law enforcement’s advice. They deal with a lot of fraud cases, and certainly know what they are talking about. Instead of writing just 20, make sure you write the year in full: 2020 on all important documents and checks.


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