“That’s not my job” Four words you shouldn’t say

We hear people say, “that’s not in my job description.” Although it’s not in your job description per se, you should still be a team player.  Training for a position doesn’t normally take a few days, so being patient is a key factor.

Companies are giving you the opportunity to learn new skills, and train in a new position while on the job. Although it may not be your specific “job” you have this great chance to expand your skills while being paid!

Have you ever thought of what goes through your employers’ minds when you tell them that it’s not your job? It reflects poorly on you, and your work ethic. If you are hoping to get a raise or even a bonus, your employer will think back to the time they asked you for your help.

Try to go into the job with a positive mindset. This is a chance to grow in the company and be recognized for the dedication to learn new skills. Don’t let the “above my pay grade” mindset stop you from working hard because that hard work pays off.

Plenty of employees show up to work every day to earn their paycheck and think nothing more of it. Then they question why they are not getting raises or bonuses. To achieve that, you need to show you’re willing to do the work. For companies to thrive, and grow, they need employees who want to grow in the company. There is no better way to make a good impression and stand out than to learn those new skills they are asking you to do. The more you show your employer you’re willing to learn, the more you will grow within the company.

If you take away anything from this blog post, be patient and show your boss you’re willing to learn, and you will go far.

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