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Have you ever felt excited about a promising job prospect, only to be rejected? You completed multiple interviews and thought you had an awesome rapport with the employer or recruiter. But in the end, you were ghosted. No courtesy call and no explanation. Well, you are not alone. Many people have felt the same frustration and lack of control.

Shifting the Balance of Power

In today’s labor market, job candidates have the upper hand. Owning your power is a beautiful thing, but misusing it is not. Think twice before going tit for tat. Ghosting is one of the worst things you can do to derail your career. Yet, job seekers and workers are blowing off employers left and right. This very unprofessional trend has reached astronomical heights in 2022. While it may seem like no big deal, we advise you not to do it! That dark phantom will lead you down a negative path if you choose to ghost.

Here’s the scenario — a seemingly interested candidate applies for a position, completes the interviews, and lands a job offer. But instead of accepting, declining, or showing up for the first day of work, the person disappears. Who knows if the candidate is sick, injured, or dropped off the face of the earth? Others walk out with no warning or explanation. For some industries, there are more openings than candidates to fill them. But what about when the current climate shifts? You are in the driver’s seat now, be careful where you steer the wheel.

Why Candidates “Go Ghost”

There are so many reasons why job seekers go ghost. Often the candidate accepted another job or believes the role is a poor match. Sometimes the recruiter or hiring company failed to communicate effectively or at all. There are also COVID-related issues like limited childcare, family issues, and sickness. The list can go on indefinitely. But unless you fell in a sinkhole or a coma, there is no good reason. The ABLE Associates team knows that life is rarely simple. So we always want to understand, educate and assist. There is a better way to safeguard your future and we are here to help.

Ghosting has Consequences for Job Seekers

As a talented and desirable candidate, you may have an abundance of offers to consider. In that case, it is tempting to accept the job that glitters and dismiss the lackluster proposals. This is especially true for lower-paying positions or those with fewer perks. Keep in mind that an evil spirit will follow you, and as a result, you may scare away future opportunities.

It is common for recruiters and employers to respond to ghosting with alarm. Has the candidate been in an accident? Is this person in the hospital or dead?!? It is hard to swallow that anyone would end communication without a good reason. Everything was going so well, or at least it seemed. So once reality strikes, the concern turns into anger. You can be sure employers will remember that black cloud you left behind. This is the scary side of ghosting for job seekers.

3 Reasons Not to Ghost a Recruiter or Employer

Ghosting is a foolproof way to burn bridges in your professional life. This behavior may seem harmless, but it can destroy your reputation. Who knows what the future holds or where you might meet these people down the road?

  1. You may end up being interviewed by someone you slighted at a different company. Now that would make for one awkward encounter! Plus, you never know who knows who. That “who” may have heard a thing or two about you. That’s just one reason you always want to present yourself in a positive light.
  2. There are only six degrees of separation. People talk, especially if you remain in the same field. Therefore, just one ghosting faux pas can haunt you indefinitely.
  3. If your friends and acquaintances find out, they may stop sharing opportunities with you. Networking is so valuable. Sometimes, it isn’t what you know but who you know that gets you through the door. If you ghost a company that a friend or colleague referred you to, it’s not only your credibility that gets tarnished, and you will also hurt that person.

So, don’t put your reputation at risk. Instead, bow out gracefully and respectfully. You may feel uncomfortable, but you will protect your future in the end.

Nautical Ghost Hunters at Your Service

ABLE Associates has been successfully riding the waves for over 30 years. We are dedicated to helping our clients and employees navigate, thrive, and meet or exceed their goals in any job climate. Give us a call! We will always put you first.


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