What Business Owners and Leaders Can Learn From The New England Patriots This Season

What Business Owners and Leaders Can Learn From The New England Patriots This Season | ABLE Associates

For a team that has won six championships since the turn of the millennium, the past season marked a disappointing one for the New England Patriots. Still, the ups and downs experienced by Bill Belichick and company can act as a lesson for all business owners.

Patriots fans endured setbacks as the season wound to a close. The team was bounced from the playoffs early with a devastating loss to division rival Buffalo Bills. Shortly after, they saw their legendary one-time quarterback retire with another team, as Tom Brady walked into the sunset after grabbing one last championship last year with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Still, the season had bright points as well. And from this bumpy year, several core lessons can gleam. Here are some lessons Massachusetts and Rhode Island business owners and leaders can learn from the New England Patriots this season:

Lessons for Massachusetts and Rhode Island Business Owners from the New England Patriots Season

It’s a Long Road

In the middle of the 2021 season, things looked hopeful. After starting 2–4, the Pats rolled off seven consecutive wins. The team seemed on track for a Cinderella post-Brady rebound. Then, they lost three of their last four games, missed out on the division title, and had their season ended in a punishing 47-17 disaster against the Bills.

Still, the team has a promising young quarterback, potentially the best head coach in the game, and one of the most enviable infrastructures in sports. Pats fans looking for a new championship era might have to wait. But hard work, thoughtful planning, and the flexibility to grab opportunities make it possible to build Super Bowl hopes over time.

Success doesn’t always come at once. A slow start can become a prelude to the true growth spurt later on. Apple was founded in 1976 and spent most of its first 30 years as an interesting and innovative also-ran in the computer industry. Then the iPhone was launched in 2007 and the company began its journey to become a nearly $3 trillion company.

Know the Situation

December 6th, 2021, was cold and windy. The presence of 40 mile-per-hour winds made passing treacherous and field-goal kicking almost a non-option. Meanwhile, the Pats were on the road, facing the reigning division champion Buffalo Bills and their emerging star quarterback Josh Allen.

However, the underdog Pats were able to steal a victory, eventually winning by a score of 14-10. How? The coaching staff gave in to the conditions and formed an unorthodox game plan based on the weather. The Patriots offense threw only three pass attempts the entire game, the lowest tally since 1974 — a few years shy of a half-century ago.

You can’t fight the prevailing conditions. Economic realities, like rising interest rates or a tight labor market, might create stumbling blocks. You might find your business stymied by unpredictable conditions — like the advent of COVID in 2020. However, you need to adjust your game plan accordingly and find ways to win, even in the worst conditions.

Build for the Future

Two years ago, the Patriots lost the greatest quarterback of all time. After two decades with the franchise and six Super Bowl victories, Tom Brady jumped ship for the Tampa Bay Bucs.

The loss could have left the franchise reeling. In the NBA, when the Cleveland Cavaliers lost LeBron James in 2010, they didn’t return to the playoffs until King James returned to the team four years later. The Edmonton Oilers won five Stanley Cups over the course of seven years in the 1980s on the back of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. They haven’t won since The Great One left.

While it’s not clear when the Pats will return to the Super Bowl, they quickly refreshed the quarterback position. After stumbling in the year after Brady’s departure and missing the playoffs for the first time in over a decade, New England drafted quarterback Mac Jones in the first round of the following year’s draft. In his rookie season, they returned to the playoffs.

The lesson? Keep your eyes on the future. You’ll lose high-value employees and miss out on major opportunities. But you can still rebuild. Look for new chances to develop a winning culture for the future.

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