What Vocational School Graduates Need to Know About The Job Market Before Finding Their First Job!

You’ve worked hard in vocational school to develop the skills employers want. Now, you just need to find the right employer. It’s time to look closely at the employment landscape as you step out into the job market for the first time.

With your background, you’ve got an amazing advantage as you search for a job. Vocational school offers an excellent way to set up a long and profitable career. The average hourly salary for trade school graduates sits at about $42,000. Meanwhile, these degrees offer competitive pay over a lifetime compared to four-year college degrees.

At the same time, opportunities for skilled vocational workers continue to expand. One survey showed that 80% of construction firms have run into problems finding talent for their hourly craft positions. That means there should be a long list of employers looking for your abilities.

You just need to discover the perfect place for you to start your career. With that in mind, here are some steps you can take as a vocational school graduate to help you find that first job:

Ask Around

Networking represents one of the key factors in pushing any career forward. Knowing the right people can open doors and guide you towards fantastic job opportunities.

As you leave vocational school, you’ll want as many connections as possible to secure your first job. Start with your teachers and the rest of the staff at your vocational school. They might be able to steer you to a great employer.

Beyond this, you can turn to other sources:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Previous employers (no matter what the job)
  • Former coworkers
  • Contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform

Research the Market

As you step into the professional marketplace, it’s important to have a good grasp of the economic situation. This will help you on many fronts. You’ll know what kind of jobs are open for people with your qualifications. At the same time, you’ll learn key information like average starting salary, advancement opportunities, and the chances you’ll be able to find a job quickly.

By gathering this research, you’ll be able to set your expectations. It will also allow you to target your job search efforts in the right direction.

Get Started Wherever You Can

When you’re fresh out of school, you start out at the bottom of your industry. You need to gain experience and build a reputation to find better positions down the line. As such, be prepared to pay your dues.

In the beginning, stay flexible about your expectations. Of course, find the best position you can. However, you might need to accept entry-level spots while you look for something better.

At the same time, remain open to alternative schedules and non-traditional opportunities. Situations like part-time or temporary jobs can create the perfect way to get started, forming the foundation for more permanent positions in the near future.

Turn to a Staffing Firm

You’ve worked hard in vocational school to acquire the necessary skills. Now, you just need the right connection to find the perfect first job. A staffing firm has the industry reach you need to find the ideal position.

As you start out your career, expert guidance can provide the boost you need. You’ll gain insight into the market and the recruiting process. At the same time, you’ll get access to a long list of employers searching for your specific skills.

A top recruiter, like ABLE Associates, can help you launch your career. You’ll find the ideal landing spot for your first job out of vocational school.

Contact ABLE today to learn more.

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