Effectively Showcasing What Your Organization Can Offer Prospective Candidates

Effectively Showcasing What Your Organization Can Offer Prospective Candidates | ABLE Associates

Recruiting always represents a complex endeavor. However, different market conditions come with their own challenges, altering expectations and creating communication stumbling blocks. To find the best candidates in any situation, you need to shape the discussion in the most positive light possible. This way, you can effectively showcase what your organization can offer prospective candidates.

After all, conditions can alter quickly. From 2020 to 2022, a solid job market was shocked by the pandemic into double-digit unemployment, followed by a painful stagnation. However, this situation quickly reversed again, leading to severe labor shortages once the COVID restrictions were finally lifted.

Meanwhile, these days, talk has moved to a possible recession on the horizon, marking another potential shift in conditions. At the same time, high inflation and ongoing turmoil in the labor market have further complicated the conversation with job seekers.

That’s a lot to deal with in just over two years. Given the potential for the market to whipsaw suddenly, you need to stay nimble with your communication strategy.

As part of this, you need to learn how to highlight the value you provide candidates. Otherwise, you end up chasing every fad that becomes a talking point among potential recruits. From traditional parts of compensation packages (like salary and benefits) to work-from-home options and flexible schedules, there are many points of negotiation when talking to possibly hire.

You can’t give in to every point, whatever the most insistent job seekers say. Rather, your goal is to provide a fair offer, based on market conditions, and explain how much value your offer can provide over the long term. With that in mind, here are some steps you can take to showcase what your organization can offer prospective candidates:

Promoting Your Organization to Prospective Candidates

Manage Expectations

You don’t want to wait until you’ve made an offer to find out that there is a disconnect in expectations. At that point, you’ve sunk significant resources into recruiting that particular applicant. Instead, begin the discussion earlier in the proceedings. Manage expectations from the start, ensuring there are no disputes or miscommunications later.

Start Early

As part of your efforts to manage expectations, create ways to communicate at every step of the recruitment process. This begins with the job description. Talk about the benefits and perks you provide at the initial stages. Be clear about your scheduling expectations and whether remote options are available. This way, potential employees understand your stance before they even apply for a position.

Maintain Open Communication

Once you’ve established expectations, reinforce the details throughout the recruitment process. This involves two-way communication. Encourage questions and feedback. By remaining upfront and open, you avoid confusion and build trust with the candidates most likely to respond to your message.

Stress the Positive

You won’t offer everything that every candidate will want. Many potential employees will have idiosyncratic expectations about benefits, schedules, and perks. As such, you shouldn’t become fixated on creating the perfect compensation package.

Don’t get bogged down on what you don’t have. Instead, pivot to the highlights of your offerings. Focus on the parts of your package that set you apart from the competition and target candidates that appreciate the value you provide.

Be Willing to Lose Some Candidates

As we said, some candidates will have very specific expectations. If you can’t meet those, don’t be afraid to move on. Provide a fair offer based on your needs and the contours of the current job market. By doing this, you might not satisfy every job seeker. But you’ll eventually find an ideal fit for you.

Create Overall Transparency

Take a holistic approach to highlighting the value you provide your employees. In other words, go beyond the recruiting process. Here are a few ways you can spotlight what you can offer:

  • Your Company’s Website
  • Social Media
  • Other Media, Like Blogs and Podcasts

Continue After Hiring

Communication about the value you provide employees should continue after you’ve made a hire. This subject should form the basis of an ongoing conversation. Starting with onboarding, continually reinforce what you do for your team. Keep the discussion going among your veteran employees as well.

This way, you can drive engagement and employee satisfaction. At the same time, you’ll have the information you need to shape your policy decisions moving forward. Longer term, this two-way communication will boost your retention and improve your team building.

Looking to Further Understanding Showcasing Your Organization?

Finding the best employees for your organization represents a challenge in any market. Getting expert advice can help you devise the best policies and attract the candidates that fit your business. Turn to a top recruiter, like ABLE Associates, to take your recruiting to the next level.

Contact ABLE today to get started.

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