The Value of Forming a Relationship with Career Coaches

The Value of Forming a Relationship with Career Coaches | ABLE Associates

Meet Chip Engelland, considered by many to be one of the best shooting coaches in the NBA. Credited with improving the jump shot of superstars like Kawhi Leonard, he spent 17 years as a mainstay with the San Antonio Spurs before recently jumping ship to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

While the terms of his new deal weren’t disclosed, Engelland is widely considered one of the highest-paid assistant coaches in the league.

Think about that for a minute. Why would a major sports franchise pay big bucks for someone to teach the best basketball players in the world to do one of the basic tasks of the game? Because anyone, at any stage of their careers or at any level of competition, can find ways to improve.

There’s a lesson there for your professional development. Wherever you are in your career trajectory, you can find value in expert advice and guidance. That’s why many ambitious corporate players form a long-term relationship with career coaches. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

The Perks of Building a Relationship with a Career Coach

Getting Direction

Does your career bob along on the waves of chance like a piece of driftwood? Or does it have an engine attached, pushing it through any choppy waters to your chosen direction?

Unfortunately, most of us end up with a drifting approach. Instead of taking an intentional approach to professional development, we let circumstances take over. We look to land the best possible job during the times we find ourselves unemployed. Otherwise, we’re just thankful for the paycheck.

A career coach can break this cycle. They aren’t necessarily the engine of your career advancement. Instead, they are more like the mechanic that can help you install that engine — helping you get more out of every decision.

Keeping You Focused

Even after you’ve achieved direction, it’s easy to get off course. A career coach can help you avoid costly career detours. At the same time, they’ll remind you of your long-term goals and put your potential choices in context.

What’s more, a career coach can offer a broader view of the situation. They have the industry insight and market understanding to spotlight less-obvious opportunities. In this way, you can adjust your objectives as conditions evolve throughout your career.

Fine-Tuning Your Career Skills

Beyond the big-picture advice, career coaches can also provide assistance with smaller-scale efforts. You’ll receive guidance on the important details related to pushing your career forward. Partnering with a top expert can help you:

  • Optimize your resume and cover letter
  • Discover overlooked or hidden opportunities
  • Improve your interview abilities
  • Upgrade your networking
  • Develop your soft skills

Having Somewhere to Turn for Support

Careers don’t ascend in a straight line. You can expect setbacks and lulls. During these tough times, it’s valuable to have a supportive place you can turn for direction.

On the psychological front, you have your friends and family to offer help. But they might not be the best source of practical advice. By maintaining an ongoing relationship with a career coach, you always have a go-to person to call if you feel your professional momentum starting to stagnate.

Building a Long-Term Relationship

Would you rather receive a diagnosis from your long-time doctor, who has spent years guiding you through medical decisions, or a physician you just met, who is rattling off opinions after glancing at your file for a few minutes?

Most people would favor the guidance from the doctor they had an established relationship with. This dynamic carries over to career coaches as well. You get better advice from someone who knows you well.

As such, you’ll experience significant value in investing in a career coach. Yes, these experts can see you through particularly complex moments in your career development. But once you find a strong partner, you’ll multiply the effect by maintaining a connection over the long haul.

Looking for Assistance in Progressing Your Career?

Expert guidance can unlock your full potential. That’s true of both career coaches and top staffing firms, like ABLE Associates. You’ll find the direction you need to drive your career forward.

Contact ABLE today to find out more.

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