The Value a Strong Cover Letter Can Have When Applying

The first impression you make with a potential employer isn’t during your interview. It’s not even the presentation of your background on your resume. It’s your cover letter.

A cover letter can be a make-it-or-break-it moment in your job search: you want to show why you’re the best person for the job, but in an efficient manner that hits all the right points in quick succession.

Here’s how a strong cover letter can set you up for success.

The Important Role a Cover Letter Can Play in the Application Process

A Cover Letter Can Set You Apart

When applying for jobs online, some companies require cover letters; others set them as optional. If you take the time to write a cover letter, you’re automatically going to be viewed as someone who takes initiative and is willing to work a little harder to get the job done. It’s a great indication that you’re very interested in the position. If you take the extra time to personalize the cover letter to the position you’re applying to, that goes even further to demonstrate your interest and attention to detail.

Show Off Your Communication Skills

Good communication skills are incredibly important. Soft skills like communication are needed by every team in every industry, no matter what kind or level of job you’re applying to or what the position requires. People who can communicate ideas and abilities, sharing priority information in an easy-to-understand way, are in high demand. Typing up a cover letter can provide your potential new boss an indication of what a great and valuable member of the team you’re likely to be.

Introduce Yourself and Why You’re The Right Candidate

A cover letter is the first impression you make with a company. What do they need to know about you? The bullet points are the important thing here: where are you coming from, and what skills do you have that will make you a great addition to their team? It’s almost like a profile on a dating website. You want to tell enough about yourself to get the company curious and eager to read your resume to learn more, but not so much that they feel it’s unprofessional or irrelevant. Tell them why you’re qualified for the position and how your current job relates to this new position, adding a little bit about why you’re looking to join them.

Start Your Relationship Off Strong

At the core of your cover letter is your purpose. I want this specific job, and I am a good candidate for it because of these reasons. Be specific about your whys but also show off your experience and successes in your cover letter. That can help make the argument for whoever’s reading it to want to learn more about you. If there’s an accomplishment you’re especially proud of, your cover letter is a good time to talk about it and how that success will make you a great person to add to their team. Also, if you’ve been referred to the position by someone who already works at the company, a cover letter is a great time to mention that connection. It can help add another level of qualification and personalization to the cover letter and gives the HR manager an opportunity to start asking your connection about you even earlier.

Yes, it can be time-consuming to write cover letters specific to each company. But if you really want a job and feel like it was made for you, take the time! It could make the difference between getting called for an interview and being left in the pile with other applicants.

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