The Value of Coaching That Comes with Working with a LOCAL Staffing Agency

Farm to table. Buy local. There are lots of movements that press the benefits of supporting local businesses as a consumer. But what about as a job candidate?

This comes with its share of upside as well. It might seem like an advantage to work with a staffing agency with a national reach. That’s true if you’re willing to move or have a preference for remote work.

However, working with these national chains comes with drawbacks as well. Especially when it comes to career coaching, a local staffing agency can significantly improve your prospects. You’ll raise your chances of getting a job in the short term, while simultaneously upgrading your long-term professional development.

Here’s how you get increased value by turning to a local staffing agency for career coaching:

The Value That Comes With Career Coaching from a Local Staffing Agency

Ability for In-Person Meetings

The pandemic sparked a sharp increase in remote conversations. Everything from coworker collaboration to job interviews became a virtual interaction. Now that the COVID restrictions have passed, many companies have continued with their remote recruiting policies.

However, there’s something about in-person talks that can’t be replicated online. This is especially true for a coaching scenario.

The ability to meet with an expert increases your connection. Ultimately, this leads to better results. This kind of in-person interaction is only possible with a local provider.

Better Understanding of Local Employers

Career advice needs to have a specific goal to be effective. Not every candidate has the same objective. At the same time, small changes of emphasis at employers can lead to important tweaks in best practices for getting hired.

With this in mind, a local provider can give you more focused guidance related to local employers. Strong ties to the business community in your area can lead to more targeted insights. You’ll have a better feel for the employers in your backyard — the ones most primed to hire someone nearby.

Tailored Advice for Local Markets

We often talk about “the economy.” However, this is something of a projection. “The economy” actually consists of a series of more localized economic conditions. Different regions can react to a changing situation in different ways. A boom can happen in one city, while a bust takes place somewhere else.

As such, one-size-fits-all advice doesn’t always help. Your career coaching will be more effective if it takes into account the realities of your area.

Conditions like cost of living, local unemployment rates, and the dynamics of the local job market can make a big difference in the path you should follow. A local career coach can take these into account and give you more fine-tuned advice.

Build a Long-Term Connection

A one-on-one connection can lead to a significant improvement in long-term career coaching. Even a great advisor will have trouble giving targeted guidance if they don’t know you well. Partnering with a local provider gives you the chance to build this kind of bond.

Think of it like a doctor. A random tele-doc can give you generic advice. However, a local physician, who has known you for years, can spot less obvious problems and use their deeper context to provide a more holistic program to keep you healthy. The same dynamic works for a career coach.

Stronger Community Ties

Reaching out to a local provider has a broader advantage as well. You don’t just receive first-class career advice. At the same time, you support your local community.

Want to See More How This Coaching Can Assist in Your Career?

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