Why Testimonials Can Pay Dividends When Searching for Your Next New England Opportunity!

Looking for a job in New England? It can be a competitive area. You’ll need every advantage as you reach the final stages of any recruiting process. A strong testimonial or reference can put you over the top, giving you the best chance of landing your dream job.

New England has one of the best labor markets in the country, making it a great place to find a position. As of December 2022, the unemployment rate in the region sat at 3.3%, below the national average of 3.5%.

This relatively tight labor market will give you some leverage a job candidate. However, you’ll also face stiff competition. For instance, 46.1% of people in New England over 25 have obtained a post-secondary degree, compared to 38.5% of the U.S.. In other words, there are plenty of qualified candidates out there.

To stand out, you must take every opportunity to impress a potential employer. This starts with a stellar resume and cover letter. However, the closer often comes down to your references and testimonials. A strong endorsement can secure a job offer in a tight competition for a particular position.

How Testimonials Can Help You Stand Out When Searching!

The True Value of References and Testimonials

Sometimes references or LinkedIn testimonials can feel like filler — just another step in a long recruiting process. And it’s true that some employers only use this step to confirm work dates and other rather mundane matters. But other times, the backing from the right ally can tip the hiring decision in your direction.

At the very least, a lack of references will put you at a disadvantage. Studies show that nearly nine in 10 employers (87%) conduct some reference check when hiring. Given this situation, having fodder for this process is a basic necessity to stay in the running.

It’s also important to consider choosing your references and testimonials. You want someone who will give an unapologetically positive assessment. After all, a mediocre or even lukewarm recommendation from a professional contact could throw up a red flag and undermine your chances of receiving an offer.

The Benefits of Testimonials and References

A well-chosen reference or testimonial can add weight to your candidacy. Here are some of the benefits you can receive:

  • Go Beyond the Resume: A strong reference can add details that don’t appear on your resume.
  • Highlight Your Best Qualities: The process of checking references gives another chance for your most marketable skills to get a mention.
  • Facilitate Trust: Even if the reference is just used to double check claims you’ve made about your work history, confirming this information builds trust with your prospective employer.
  • Showcase Your Personality and Work Habits: You are more than a collection of qualifications. A well-delivered testimonial or reference will provide details about the more personal qualities you can bring to a team.
  • Spotlight Cultural Fit: The information gathered in a reference check can assure an employer that you’ll make a good cultural fit.

Looking to Put Yourself in the Best Position to Success Professionally?

Well-selected references or testimonials are important. However, they are part of a larger process of securing career-altering opportunities. Partnering with a top recruiter, like ABLE Associates, can further direct your professional development in the right direction.

Contact ABLE today to take your job search to the next level.

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