The Benefits of Streamlining Your Application Process

Are you seeing a number of your applicants don’t wind up finishing their respective applications? See how a streamlined process can benefit both them and your hiring efforts! 

The process of hiring a new employee is a timely and resource-intensive one, requiring multiple rounds of interviews, reading countless resumes, scheduling meetings to discuss each candidate, and then negotiating the successful applicant’s start date and salary.  

As time-consuming as this is for you, it can be equally demanding of your applicants. Each step required in applying for a job takes time to complete, and if each candidate has to jump through multiple hoops just to be considered, they’ll leave your application unfinished — something an estimated 92% of job seekers admit to doing in the past.  

How many steps are involved in your application process? If it’s more than two or three, it might be too long. 

Here’s Why Streamlining Your Application Process is a Benefit to Your Company 

1. More Applicants Means More Choice for You 

You want people to apply to your company! A clunky, long process that involves uploading a resume and then manually inputting all the same information will drive people away. If you streamline the process — requiring one or the other or working with software that automatically inputs all information provided in the applicant’s resume — you’re likely to get more applications, meaning a broader array of candidates to select from in finding your new hire. 

2. It Boosts Your Brand Reputation

Candidates talk. Know this to be true. If word gets out that your application process is too time-consuming or frustrating, you may find fewer applicants as people won’t even consider filling it out. But if people find your application process to be simple, straightforward, and easy, the opposite will be true! Job seekers apply for several jobs before they find the right one, and knowing your company has a process that isn’t stressful is a great boon to your online reputation, which is where most job seekers are doing their heavy lifting.  

3. Consider Automation as a Way to Level The Playing Field

Another way to streamline the hiring process that could end up really benefiting your company overall is the use of automation software. This would take all information submitted in an application and distill it down to the most important pieces without any kind of bias, conscious or subconscious. Automation can make the process of applying easier for your candidates, and it can help streamline your application review process as well, only bringing up for review those candidates that meet the specific requirements for the job. That way, you’ll only see people who are a good fit for the job instead of dozens who might not be qualified.  

4. You’ll Fill The Position Faster 

Streamlining your application process means the whole thing will be done in a more timely manner. That means the team that is currently a person short won’t be stressed about doing extra work, which is good for their morale and productivity. It also means you’ll be up to speed as a company faster, which means there won’t be a dip in any projects or goals your team is working to complete. Happy employees are more likely to talk about that to their friends, which could result in more candidates in the future as well as encouraging people they know to apply for open positions!  

Ultimately, streamlining your hiring process will free up your time and your search committee’s time and will help get your staffing up to where it needs to be faster. There’s no downside! Streamlining doesn’t mean settling or taking shortcuts, but rather, it’s about being more efficient and effective.  

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Another great way to streamline your hiring process? Work with a recruiter like ABLE Associates! We develop a close partnership with our clients and get to know exactly what they’re looking for, making it possible for us to identify and send you high-quality candidates faster, helping fill positions more quickly without you having to do the sorting and screening first. Sound good? Give ABLE Associates a call today!  

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